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Prevailing Concepts is a Minneapolis, Minnesota company were we understand that all great ideas must start with a vision. We are experienced in all aspects of product design consulting, research development, prototyping, extrusion, reflow, bonding manufacturing, molding, metal fabrication and more.

Prevailing Concepts can deliver the engineering support and services that companies in many industries require.
We know that our clients seek a partner with extensive engineering knowledge who can offer innovative product ideas. Prevailing Concepts is a reliable, honest engineering firm with vast experience in the engineering industry.  We work closely with all of our clients to create extraordinary, functional products. We use our decades of experience utilizing technology or discovering and developing new technology for the specific needs of our clients.

We are a unique Minnesota engineering solution that has the experience and expertise to take on any project.  Our services include mechanical engineering, concept development, prototype fabrication and testing. Our experience includes designing consumer products, industrial products, medical devices, surgical devices, balloon catheters, ablation catheters, delivery catheters, handles, hunting products  and more.  

We strive to expertly serve our clients and offer the most innovative engineering concepts and solutions that they require.


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